• SMOC detector allows for direct digital radiography (in contrast to RT films or CR systems), i.e. result of the test is transmitted directly to PC.


High quality and high brightness scintillator is used together with professional optics and shielded 18mln pixels CMOS camera. In effect, perfect RT images can be obtained during exposition time comparable to classical films. SMOC_HE is ready to work with all kinds of high energy sources, i.e. betatrons and electron linacs. Integrated anti-backscattering shielding allows for low-noise imaging, fast and easy setup and long lifetime in radiation environment.


Intuitive software allows for quick and easy image acquisition. Advanced functions helps in radiogram analysis and efficient NDT examination thanks to automatic setting of brightness and contrast, artifacts minimization and precise calibration. Images are available for immediate analysis or can be stored for future review

Technical parameters

  • Energy range: 1- 15 MeV
  • Top Image Quality:
    - CMOS resolution: 18 mln pixels,
    - Image dynamics: 16 bits (65,536 Grey level).
  • Single acquisition time: 0.01–30 sec.
  • Immediately ready to use.
  • Cable length: 40m as standard.
  • Power: 230V or batteries.
  • Working time with battery: min. 6h.
  • Battery charging time: 1h.
  • Dimensions of sensitive area: to be defined by users.
    - 400mm x 400mm as standard for SMOC_HE.
  • Shielding included.